Level Up Your Event with a Great Presentation

The choice is easy. Your event is drawing near, and the theme for your conference centers around communications and presentation skills. Hire Scott to ensure you have a speaker who will not only inform but inspire your audience. 

You’ve spent a lot of money, time, and energy making sure your event is a success. And, there is nothing worse than seeing your attendees bored or disengaged.

Scott is passionate about the art of storytelling and communications and is trusted by some of America’s most admired brands to lead them to presentation greatness. Don’t miss this opportunity to lock in a keynote speaker who can do the same for your attendees.

Your audience will leave empowered, inspired, and asking for more!

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Why Should I Hire You to Speak to My Group?

I understand the science of presentations. And, you won't find anyone who has the same level of heart, passion, and grit I have for presentations. As a 2x Ironman, owner of a multi-million dollar company, I have discovered the determination and perseverance needed to go the distance in life. I have also given presentations all over the world where I have trained executives and managers at companies like Oracle, Extra Space Storage, Hilton, CBS, Ingram, and plenty more.

Super Responsiveness

I'm dedicated to your team and you're vent. You'll get super responsiveness from me from the start to finish of your event.

Custom Takeaways

Every presentation is custom to you and the needs of your event. I'll provide custom takeaway materials for every audience member,

Follow-up on Results

I'm here to get you amazing results. We'll follow-up after the event to make sure I delivered on your expectations.

Let's Get Started!

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The Key Benefits for Your Audience


Any audience member in attendance will generally learn about some of these public speaking and presentation principles.

  • Discover the importance of self-awareness as it relates to presentations
  • Have a thorough understanding of Badge’s 4-Quadrant System which is the backbone of any presentation style
  • Unearth lessons from presenters of the past and today who have mastered the art and science of presentations
  • How to win the hearts and minds of any audience
  • The most proven and trusted ways to build a presentation narrative that will make a lasting impact
  • Design presentations using today’s best practices
  • Deliver a talk with confidence and authority
  • Create a public speaking legacy which will catapult your career
  • Learn how to maximize one's public speaking strengths and mitigate one's weaknesses
  • Discover which audiences will adore them and dislike them
  • Learn about the case against technology in presentations
  • Discover why empathy is a presenter's greatest communication tool
  • Explore which types of stories make the greatest impact
  • Learn how to get back to the basics of great human communication
  • Start developing hook points that will revitalize your presentations

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