Catapult - Presentation Training Program

According to a recent survey by Prezi, 70% of employed Americans feel presentation skills are critical for career success. Enter Catapult. After thousands of hours, I’ve arrived at more than a few conclusions about presentations and public speaking. Here’s a big one: inexperienced speakers tend to believe that their limitations are, in fact, insurmountable obstacles keeping them from achieving their goals. How do I get my training clients over those obstacles and into the driver’s seat of their own presentation destinies?

Catapult. So what does Catapult look like?

Catapult training is divided into four very important categories: content, design, storytelling, and delivery. All of this material has been packaged to a 4-hour training program. This means that even if you are limited by time, you’ll still get the very best information from each essential subject and you can watch and learn as you choose.


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