5 Technology Tips for Virtual Presentations

The new normal is here and so you may find yourself challenged by the prospect of having to give another virtual presentation. Presentations are challenging enough and then to stack on the difficulty of presenting in place dependent on your computer, your webcam, your office lighting, it can be become a complete headache.

I've been there and I feel your pain. The purpose of this post is to help eliminate those anxieties and frustrations so I want to offer 5 tips for your next virtual presentation from a technical standpoint.

Audio is King

The first point worth addressing is audio for your virtual presentation. You may have a terrible webcam, a slow computer, and maybe even bad lighting and that is all par for the course. But, if you can at a bare minimum capture great audio you should be in great shape for a majority of virtual presentation scenarios.

As you explore your options, there are several microphone options including cardioid, omnidirectional, and shotgun. In a nutshell,...

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