How to Have More Authority when Public Speaking

When you think about the topic of authority, most presenters find themselves chasing it when they can simply have it. It's not some elusive gem that can never be earned or found. Rather, with a little bit of careful planning and intentionality, it's easier to obtain than one might think.

Every presenter can achieve and maintain it, you just need to know what needs to be in put into play to make it become a reality. I'll walk you through the best ways to do this right now.

Authority from the Outside

The headline for this first piece of our conversation is to understand that authority is best when it comes from an outside source. In a presentation context, you want to make sure whenever possible to have someone introduce you before your talk. Granted, you can always give your own personal introduction but when the host or meeting leader takes a few minutes to do this it will heighten your level of authority. It will immediately level you up as someone needs to be heard and listened to...

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A New Way to Look at Your Presentations

I have worked in the presentation and public speaking industry for over 15 years now and people often ask me what makes a great presentation. My response is typical:

"You need to be a great storyteller or make sure you keep your message simple."

"Don't forget to practice your talk 7-8 times before you get in front of the room."

"Make sure you have a compelling call-to-action when concluding your talk."

These are solid suggestions and recommendations I still stand by but I actually never thought about simplifying the material with a simple analogy or illustration. Granted, I have systems and blueprints I have created for my company, Ethos3. But, I have yet to create a workable and impactful analogy until today.

Drum roll.

A presentation can best be described as a ship. All parts of the vessel are essential to get you to your destination. I'll explain in more detail below.

The Cargo

What you choose to include in your ship is your content. The updates, data, significant findings - all...

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