How to Structure a Big Idea Pitch

The trickiest part of presentations for most people is content. On the design front, most business professionals tend to be comfortable in PowerPoint. And as for the delivery side of presentations, they have been in front of enough people over the course of their career to say they are somewhat confident. It’s the creation of new material and structuring of that content that gets them frazzled.

The goal of this post is to help remedy that problem and offer up a pitch structure which helps when trying to showcase and pitch any new big idea. I call it “The Big Thing” approach to presenting and it consists of 6 stages to help you win the hearts and minds of any audience. Let’s dive in.

Stage 1: The Big Thing

In this first section of your presentation, you want to discuss the “big thing” in your space that has tremendous stakes and is creating a lot of noise. Let’s travel back in time and imagine a world before the cloud existed. Now, that we...

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How to Structure an Investor Pitch

investor pitch Apr 19, 2021

Presentations are difficult. Pitching is even more challenging. The reason why is you are dealing generally with more skepticism, more resistance, and you are there to ask for something which gives your audience all of the leverage.

If you find yourself preparing for a pitch in the days or weeks ahead, I want to offer the outline I utilize and the format I suggest to my clients when building a pitch deck. I call it the "Critical 10" because all 10 elements are critical to the success of your pitch. Keep in mind, although I will explain each of these in detail and it may seem like a lot, a pitch should never really extend beyond 20 minutes so you'll need to figure out how to tackle all 10 items in a creative, engaging, and concise manner. Let's cover them one-by-one.

1. The Vision

You want to use this very first part of your presentation to unpack the vision of your company and how it ties to the value that your product or service will bring to the market. This first part of...

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