6 Ways to Build Trust With Any Audience | Public Speaking

audience Apr 07, 2021

Trust. We desire it in all of our relationships whether it is our spouse, parent, or best friend. Why should presentation environments be any different? The best presenters know how to build and maintain trust with their audience. They establish it in the beginning, hold it throughout their talk, and finish with it.

Are you curious how you can create and maintain trust? I've got six recommendations for you.


Presentations that are built on trust add value. Plain and simple. The speaker has the intentional goal to improve the lives of their audience. The lift them up, and they empower them with information they did not before the session.

The question to ask yourself: "Am I adding value?"


We live in a very Google-centric society where anyone can find anything they are looking for at any given time. So, you have two main challenges: 1. Is your information accurate? and more importantly, 2. Does the information you are providing help with the business decision...

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3 Ways to Engage Your Audience

audience Mar 29, 2021

I love presentations that make an impact. You remember what has been shared. You have actionable takeaways. And, if you are lucky, you exit the Zoom meeting or conference feeling inspired. Those are the good ones.

The common framework that exists among these impactful presentations, is an engaging speaker. They are confident, well-prepared, but more importantly they are wise with their word usage and that's what we tackle today.

So, how do you become a more engaging speaker? It's starts with how you choose your words.

Change Your Language

Most presenters today feel the pressure to use a vocabulary they typically don't use in everyday life. For instance, I'll see big words like:

"Notwithstanding our commitment..." VS "In spite of commitment..."

The prior is a lot more formal and creates an unnecessary barrier or hurdle between you and your audience. Always choose the easy word. You'll audience will appreciate it.

Aim for Clarity

In the same spirit of keeping your content simple, you...

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