The Benefits of a Presentation Mentor

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2017

Back in 2012, I failed at my first attempt to complete an Ironman. I logged the miles. I did the research. I improved my diet. I did it all, but it wasn’t enough. So, I hired a coach and a short six months later I finished my very first Ironman.

Hiring a triathlon coach was an amazing decision and one I will never regret. He saw things I could not see. He streamlined my swimming technique. He taught me where and how long to ride. And, he made me a faster and stronger runner by analyzing my diet and fluid intake. He had experience that I simply did not have and that was the critical difference maker. The same is true with almost every other aspect of life. Coaches have experience that will help you obtain results faster and more efficiently.

That’s where I sit in the world of presentations. I have been coaching and training executives on public speaking now for over a decade. I have seen some good ones, and I have seen some bad ones. Some are confident while others are insecure. Some are conversational while others are stiff. And some are charismatic while others are not so much.

Either way, all of them can use work. If a speaker is smart, they can aim for brilliant. If a speaker is funny, they can aim for hysterical. And if a speaker is pleasant, they can aim for charming. You get the point. There is always room for improvement.

Enter the presentation mentor.

Like any great coach, a presentation mentor can help anyone discover their presentation strengths and mitigate their public speaking weaknesses. They can help a presenter see through the problems in their narrative and fine tune their delivery. Yet, so many businesspeople today rely on themselves and still expect great results. Our paradigms need to change, and here is why:

A Presentation Mentor Offers Clarity
When you are entrenched in an argument with your significant other, folks will often advise you to get a third party’s involvement. Why? Because it works. Someone can see your situation with a completely different lens. The same is true with a presentation mentor. They’ll see your presentation in a way you never imagined.

A Presentation Mentor Offers Expertise
Not only can a presentation mentor see the holes or potential triumphs of your talk, but they can also help you refine your existing set of public speaking skills. They will tell you to speak up, open and close your talk this way, and do this and that with your hands. They will provide tips, tricks, and hacks that are often neglected.

A Presentation Mentor Offers Growth
If one is willing to embrace the above principles, then personal growth will surely follow. If a presenter can find a way to humble themselves and take a step back to take two steps forward than they will truly reap the benefits of a presentation mentor.

Coaches are wonderful when utilized correctly. But, like anything else you evaluate in life, you must be diligent to find the right coach. You may find that certain individuals don’t fit your style or personality and that can hinder or serve as a roadblock to your success. Choose wisely.

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