The 5 Most Important Presentation Skills

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2017

If you are on this web site, it’s probably because you are a high achiever. Better yet, you are a person who understands the importance of delivering a high impact presentation. You know it’s value. You know it’s impact. You know just how dramatically it can change your career - for the better.

You want to focus on the most important items which achieve the greatest success. Perfect. Well, I have outlined the 5 critical skills that every greater presenter should possess. Here they are in no order of importance.

1. A Servant’s Heart
The best presenters understand that a presentation is not about them, but about their audience. They exist solely to add value and benefit to their audience’s life.

2. A Curious Mind
The only way to truly add value to your audience is to understand the world in which you live. Great presenters must be curious. They must understand the world so clearly in all it’s glorious imperfections and complexities so that it can be shared in the simplest of forms to their audience.

3. A Simple Messenger
And, that leads me to my next point. Great presenters are amazing at making the complex simple. They can take difficult concepts and streamline them into easy and digestible chunks.

4. A Growth Mindset
If you are not familiar with the professional work of Carol Dweck, she wrote a great book on the importance of mindset. She states that either you have a fixed mindset (things are the way they are) or you have a growth mindset (things can change and you can evolve). Great presenters have the latter.

5. A Healthy Dose of Self-Awareness
I have blogged about this favorite topic of mine quite a few times. Those who are best in front of a room know who they are and what they truly bring to the table. They understand their strengths and harness them to their unique advantage while also mitigating their weaknesses. Simply, they are self-aware.

I have been coaching and training executives on public speaking skills for over a decade now so this has been a quick look at the five key presentation skills I think every great presenter should possess as part of their arsenal of talents.

So, how do you stack up? Do you have all five? Let’s discuss below.

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