Self-Awareness and Presentations

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2017

If you look around, you will find that most presenters are not aware. The world is brimming with presenters who need coaching and direction. They seem unaware, almost zombie-like as they attempt to motivate or educate their audiences leaving almost zero impact.


They haven’t tapped into their strengths. They are unaware of how to manage their weaknesses. And most importantly, they don’t know how to create and design a presentation that fits their true style. Their presentations only serve as testament to the all important need for self-awareness.

According to a recent study by the Hay Group, those who are self-aware are generally in the Top 10% of their team or department. Their ability to lock into knowing who they are and what they do best makes them stand apart from the competition. The same is true for anyone giving a big talk or speech. Self-awareness is mandatory.

Presenters, it’s time for an awareness boost. Being self-aware means the following:

  • You know who you are at your core.
  • You know what motivates you and what will put a re in your belly.
  • You know how to control your emotions and master your feelings.
  • You know your own strengths and how to double down on them.
  • You know your own weaknesses and how to manage them.
  • You know what to say and when to say it.
  • You know where you can add value.

Are you looking to increase your level of self-awareness? Enter Badge. It’s a proprietary assessment tool that will help you discover exactly who you are as a presenter. You can think of it as the Myers-Briggs for presenters where you can find out which one of sixteen profiles fits you best.

Here’s how you can discover your profile:

  1. Go to
  2. Take the Badge assessment (it only takes 10-12 minutes)
  3. Pick up a copy of What’s Your Presentation Persona? to learn about your profile

Within a few minutes, you will out exactly what you bring to the table in relation to presentations and public speaking. Will you be the energetic Activator? The well-loved Befriender? Or perhaps the clever Scientist?

Self-awareness is a good thing. What better time then right now to to discover your presentation persona.

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