How to Have More Authority when Public Speaking

When you think about the topic of authority, most presenters find themselves chasing it when they can simply have it. It's not some elusive gem that can never be earned or found. Rather, with a little bit of careful planning and intentionality, it's easier to obtain than one might think.

Every presenter can achieve and maintain it, you just need to know what needs to be in put into play to make it become a reality. I'll walk you through the best ways to do this right now.

Authority from the Outside

The headline for this first piece of our conversation is to understand that authority is best when it comes from an outside source. In a presentation context, you want to make sure whenever possible to have someone introduce you before your talk. Granted, you can always give your own personal introduction but when the host or meeting leader takes a few minutes to do this it will heighten your level of authority. It will immediately level you up as someone needs to be heard and listened to over the course of the day's session or meeting.

Authority from the Inside

If you think about a figure who has authority, I often think of Jesus. He came from a humble beginning. He was born in a barn after all. And, the life he led was simple yet he maintained so much authority. Back in the day, his biggest challengers were the Pharisees. They were known for being followers of the law and were constantly looking for ways to sabotage his teachings. They would quote each other and those around them taking pride in their wisdom and knowledge. Jesus didn't do this. He simply was the authority and didn't need outside material to elevate his teachings. He found his authority from above and the inside. The lesson here is to let your confidence come from you and not an outside source or party. You have what it takes to lead and be heard. With that said, if you can couple this approach with the next piece of our conversation, you'll be in amazing shape.

Authority from the Sides

This next part of our discussion is about creating authority using what is on the sides. A lot of experts will call this supportive authority where you utilize statistics, facts, measurements, and findings to heighten and enhance your level of authority. It's all the Pharisees utilized meaning it's effective but it can't be your only source for creating authority. Aristotle called this Logos where you have evidence to support your findings. Logos is one third of the three items he said were successful for public speaking success - ethos (character), pathos (passion), and logos (evidence). When you provide supportive authority, you are just claiming you should do this or that because it is important, you are saying you should do this or that because it is backed by science and research. This approach is really the icing on the cake if your were successfully able to create authority from the outside and inside before adding the evidence.


Authority. It's not mysterious or evasive. It can be captured. You just need to be mindful of these three approaches to make it become realized in your next presentation.

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