22 Presentation Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Uncategorized Jun 26, 2017

I often get asked for presentation tips, tricks, and hacks. You asked, so I am providing. Here are 22 presentations tips to improve your public speaking skills.

1.  Double tie your shoelaces literally and figuratively.

Don't trip over your feet or your unprepared-for presentation.

2.  Squeeze a Lemon

A little lemon juice in your water will help to clear your throat more effectively than just plain H2O.

3.  Empty your pockets before you take the stage.

This will help you resist the urge to put your hands in them and will insure that you're free to gesture like a pro. 

4.  Turn off your cell phone!

Seriously. Turn it off or put it in airplane mode.

5.  Make a list of keywords for each of your slides.

This will help you to reinforce each point clearly and precisely. It also gives you a backup in case you need to deliver your presentation without your visuals.

6.  Never turn your back on the audience.

It's amateurish at best and down right rude at worst. Remember, a great presentation is a conversation. Stay connected!

7.  Time Waits for No One

Always complete your presentation within your allotted time-slot. It's polite to your audience and the other presenters, and there is plenty of time for more questions after you leave the stage.

8.  Resist the urge to add impromptu statements at the end of your presentation.

You've worked hard on your close. Have confidence in it and stick your landing!

9.  Lost Behind the Lectern

It's tempting to hide behind the lectern. Don't! Think of it like the safe spot in a game of tag: a great place to visit, but not really part of the fun.

10.  Practice. Practice. Practice.

Also, don’t forget to practice.

11.  Invest in a presentation remote.

There are a lot of great options out there. Don't step in front of a room without one.

12.  Preview and Review

Make sure your opening clearly previews your presentation.  Make sure your closing precisely reviews it.

13.  Be yourself!

Find your authentic voice and own it. 

14.  Good Redundant

Repetition is a good thing.  Repeat the important stuff.

15.  Be an Environmentalist

Knowing the details of the room you are going to speak in can be invaluable. Arrive early and get the lay of the land.


16.  Don't Be Condescending

Never speak down to your audience, but make sure you're using language that everyone in the room will be able to follow.


17.  Speak with conviction!

Your presentation depends on your credibility and your delivery will go a long way toward demonstrating your expertise.


18.  Circle Back

Reinforce your central theme by revisiting your main points during your presentation. This creates momentum for you and memorability for your audience.

19.  Project your voice.

Even when you are using a microphone make sure you speak up when you present. A commanding voice is a big part of a commanding presence. 


 20.  Eliminate the weak language from your presentation.

When you take the time to go through your presentation word-by-word, again and again, you gradually create a presentation that is so strong you almost can't make a mistake. Hone your language. Make it sharp! Make it shine!

21.  Stand to the left side of the screen from your audience's point of view.

As you point and gesture to your visuals, you will create a natural, readable flow from left to right. If you are right handed, learn to point with your left hand to avoid twisting across your body, away from your audience.

22.  Freshen Your Breath

Remember to bring gum or mints to enjoy after your presentation while you're answering questions. Your audience will thank you!

So, what about you? What presentation tips have worked well for you? 

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