Discover Your Presentation Persona and Speak With Your Strengths

A whopping 30 million presentations are delivered every day. How do you stand out in this sea of competition? There’s only one way to start: Know thyself so you can speak with your strengths and manage your public speaking weaknesses.

This is Badge, my Presentation Persona Training Program. It's purpose is to help you achieve one main result: speak with your strengths.

The big question now is...which one 1 of these 16 badges fits you best? (WATCH VIDEO)

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Discover Your Unique Public Speaking Style

Ready to elevate your presentations skills? You'll soon learn which 1 of 16 presentation personas fits you best.

Maximize Your Presentation Strengths

Use your Badge profile to harness your public speaking strengths while mitigating your weaknesses.

Succeed in Any Communication Arena

Eliminate public speaking fear, and speak with more confidence every time you step in front of a room.

“I particularly enjoyed Scott’s delivery of examples (past, present, mastery) of those who have become skilled at the particular lessons within each of the quadrants."

Katie Maclay
HCA Healthcare, Director of Marketing & Public Relations

Harness Your Speaking Strengths!

It's time enhance your self-awareness and level up your presentations.

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